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3.87 MB




January 8, 2017


100 - 500

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Requires Android

4.1 and up

As far as the applications related to note features are concerned, firstly there are not so many of them on various app stores and secondly, they are that much diverse and user-friendly. However, in the shape of JKD Notes, you will find the coolest application on app store that will let you know as to where to keep and store note data. Furthermore the categorization through attractive icons and color will save note more fun and easy. In addition, the user would also make simple user experience and easy navigation in order to enhance the satisfaction.

The best part of this application is that it is easily installable through any android device conveniently. Moreover, the insight of this application is so user-friendly that you can easily find all categorization of this app relatively user-friendly.

As far as the categorization is concerned, the app has been divided into relevant categories that could help you in figuring out the issue of saving the type of note into a relevant category.

Regardless of whether you want to save your note into General category or Personal, this app conveniently figures this issue out for you. Moreover, whether if you want to choose any of the category such as Work, Inspiration, Office, Home, School, Plan, Finance or any other category, you could easily place your desired file in the relevant folder.

Apart from that, this app also let you know about all the notes that have been saved within the app in just one glance and which undoubtedly singles this app out from other applications of its kind. Furthermore, under the favorite category you would easily let be known about all the favorite notes that you have save within the application.

Drafting a new note can never be that easy and you can easily draft a new one quite conveniently by just clicking on the new draft icon. Inside, you would have to give a title and all the essentials of the note you want to save. Moreover, by clicking the save button you can easily save your new note in the desired folder.

The search bar is readily convenient as you can find the desired folder with the help of a search bar by just typing your search words. The coolest thing also is that you can also find the desired file through the date on which you saved the relevant note. The layout overall is also user-friendly.