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4.0 MB




October 30, 2017


50 - 100

Current Version


Requires Android

3.0 and up

JDK Gallery Locker keep your Photos, Videos and Documents secure and personal. JDK Gallery Locker is the best and safest way to produce a secure location on your device to store and shield your Personal / Imaportant Photos, Videos and Documents. you'll import your personal pictures and videos in this secure vault, and no-one is aware of the existence of it. it's sensible, easy, effective and very light-weight.

JDK Gallery Locker is your personal gallery wherever you'll be able to keep your most unforgettable photos and videos and make sure that your friends and whoever use your phone wont be able to see your personal photos/videos if they browse in your gallery.

- Lock photos and videos directly from your default gallery.
- Album View to manage your photos/videos faster.
- No storage limitations with unlimited photos/videos.
- Multi-select feature to import hundreds of photos/videos quickly.
- Easy unlock with just a tap.
- Automatically quits in device's sleep mode.
- Cloud Backup supported to Google Drive.
- Show you "google Photos" directly from the app.
- Multi-select feature for fast hiding, un-hiding.
- Beautiful theme.